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Flappy fall

The best games out there on the app store are the ones that turn any of your free times into fun times. These games may come in a variety of genres; FPS, arcade, simulation, etc. and they all come with one golden purpose: to make gamers happy and excited, and keeping gamers the more eager to play the game even further, achieve newer high scores, keep testing your limits and creating new records among other things.

And that is exactly the type of game Flappy fall is a gem that never fails to amaze players and keeps them amused like none other out there.

The Extent of Fast-Paced Fun

The playing experience is as good as the learning experience, and both these without a doubt make the game fun and enjoyable. After each session, your hand-eye co-ordination along with other motor skills gets a significant boost upward! While the game itself is a good one that makes it worth playing,

it also goes a step further in inculcating values such as compassion, added to a sense of commitment and duty as well.

The goal in Flappy fall is to keep Flappy, a fledgling tumbling out of his nest towards the ground from crashing to the ground that could get serious. The further you go the higher scores you achieve. Controls are simply touched or tilt, based on your preference. So, join the purpose of keeping Flappy flapping, will you?

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