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Bottle Flip Ketchapp

Does boredom seem to get on your nerves quite easily these days? Does your phone not pack something to kill some time while trying to keep you amused at the same time? Is it too much to ask for both of these to be fulfilled? Absolutely not! The entire horde of casual games and their developers would agree to this too.

That is not because they have felt the same way, but they’re backed by something so exciting that it is not to be taken lightly as a game at all!

Of the entirety of games out there, bottle flip ketchapp seems to stand out and over the rest with its uniqueness in all ways.

The thrills of flips

It is a progressive game that goes more exhilarating by every level or stages you complete and pass. The objective here is simple in bottle flip ketchapp, to flip a bottle that is half-filled and make it land right side up on a floor that moves further away as the game progresses.

It’s the ultimate challenge for your problem-solving and calculated, decisive planning skills! The thrill and enjoyment will be here to stay, as the game surely tends to grow a lot on you, it’s suddenly your new favorite game! Flip the bottle and feel your heart skip a beat at thought of the possible outcomes, that keeps you motivated to keep going and keep trying!

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